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What does wellness mean to you? For some it simply means eating healthier or developing a daily fitness routine, but for others it's a lifestyle - a holistic perspective on health. During the month of August, consider in what areas of wellness you may need to gain some perspective. Maybe mental health would be a good place to start - getting outside and soaking up the vitamin D (se have plenty of Vitamin Sea here at Paséa!). Read on for additional tips on beating burnout and improving your wellness practice for National Wellness Month.

1. Stop what you're doing.
Yes! It sounds simple and it is that simple. When you feel frustration, anger, anxiety or stress, take a moment to realize it's time to stop, breathe and reassess your goal.

2. Prioritize sleep.

It is ok to miss a day of Netflix or ignore the sink of dirty dishes. Even 30 minutes of extra sleep will make a world of difference on your overall health and stress management.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
Ok moms and overachievers (like myself, I admit!) we need to ask for help when there is too much on the list, and trust me there is usually too much on the list. Don’t think outsourcing a few tasks here and there is going to make you less of a person, or worse, lose control of something. Losing control might turn out to be a really good thing and honestly you'll likely gain control of your sanity back and even some time for yourself.

4. Keep your immune system strong.
I know this is readily on our minds to avoid illness and maintain our health. However, what many people don’t know is stress lowers our immune response, making us vulnerable to becoming ill and thus leading us down the cycle of burnout. So please be mindful of what your body needs.

Burnout is a health issue that continues to increase across the nation as we prioritize work over our health. Before reaching the point of burnout, consider following the above steps and realize that you are not alone.

With Paséa's Burnout Break room package, you'll experience a relaxing vacation that benefits Mental Health America for National Wellness Month. The package includes accommodations, a beach towel, sunscreen, two On the Rocks Spicy Jalapeño Pineapple Margarita cocktails, a Hot Sea Stone massage and Aarna Spa candle, one month free subscription from Caravan Wellness, along with $20 from each reservation donated to Mental Health America. Book your stay.

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